Who Do You Revere???

Who do you revere??? A thought I’ve been pondering…

Do you have a hero???   A person you look up to???  Someone you’ve put on a pedestal???

I’ve reviewed my life…my history and history in general…and realized there is no one I revere…There are people I respect…but not revere…

I asked myself if I met the President of the United States or the Queen of England or the Pope how would I feel… What would I do???

I’m certain I would not bow to them or treat them any differently than I would any person I’d randomly meet…I do however imagine I’d check in with how I felt about them energetically, and discern the amount of trust I would automatically bestow on them…

Once I checked in with my energetic feelings I might smile and greet them, or hold myself in polite reserve.  I would not automatically respect them for what position they hold, my respect would be based on my interactions with them, as it is with anyone I randomly meet…

I acknowledge these are bold thoughts, yet honest thoughts…

I also cannot pretend I have the greatest self-esteem or self-love, however I have an intrinsic understanding that we are all equal as beings…I may not have the wealth, prestige, education, or position that other people have, yet I know those qualities have nothing to do with who I am or who another person is…Those things have nothing to do with the value one person has over another…

Somewhere deep inside of me, I understand we are all a part of the divine “all”…I feel we must recognize and acknowledge ourselves and offer to ourselves the honor we so easily grant others based on their position or status in life…Each and every being is divine…and the time has come to revere ourselves…

yes child


Wasted Energy or Spiritual Opportunity???

chaos 2

After several conversations recently with women about men my mind started to churn with ideas…As long as I’ve been a woman I’ve observed and engaged in the concept of          “If only he understand”   If only he could wake up and realize” “If only he didn’t run from his feelings”, etc., etc., etc.

Over the years I have observed a great deal of wasted energy on other people’s potential…and in the case of many women…a man’s “potential”.

Does this sound familiar?

For years I was tethered to the idea that I needed a relationship…needed a man…

An archetypal concept, which many of us get lost in…However is there any truth to it???

Community and gathering is a part of our nature…Mating is a part of our nature…however when does it cross the line from natural to needy???

Conceptually I feel relationships are opportunities for spiritual growth…mirrors to our soul.. however I also feel the primary union one must form first is with oneself…Once we can form a union with our self love and love can be realized from within…it can then be given without agenda…Love can then be a gift rather than a need….

How often do we waste our energy on someone else’s potential??? How often do we lose ourselves to another???

Now I would like you to ask yourself….How much time do I spend getting to know myself and  “LOVING” the magic living within ME???

Have a blessed and glorious day….



Happy Easter



New energy pulsing through the earth…Flowers blooming, birds singing, snow melting and rivers flowing…A time when “Life” is celebrated, creative forces awakening and hope is “Alive”….Breathe into the fullness of Spring…Go deep within and birth the MAGIC that is you…Blessings….


Easter 2015

Sounds for the Soul Music Fest 2016

Its Spring Equinox, the time of renewal and regeneration….We’ve gathered an amazing group of sound healers and performers with a purpose and intent of Feeding the Soul with Sound and Collaboration&…

Source: Sounds for the Soul Music Fest 2016

Sounds for the Soul Music Fest 2016

tuesday night art for fest flyer

Its Spring Equinox, the time of renewal and regeneration….We’ve gathered an amazing group of sound healers and performers with a purpose and intent of Feeding the Soul with Sound and Collaboration…Through this group collective the opening for healing, inspiration, joy and magic happens…Spend the day basking in the healing vibrations of sound and love…In the end the group collective will come together to express the day with Drumming, Movement and Celebration…so we urge you to plan to stay and be a part of this momentous day…the first Sounds for the Soul Music Fest…

After 6 PM we will have a no host bar serving wine and beer with snacks and goodies…

Our amazing venue will accommodate up to 125 attendees…Make sure you’re one of them…

Reserve your space NOW!!!! 


Jonathan Mugridge:  Your M/C for the Day…


Freddie Weber…A one woman show, bringing comedy, music and inspirational storytelling together for a heartfelt and entertaining experience…

Rob Roy Conklin…Rob will be bringing us the ancient mystical sounds of the Scottish bagpipes as well as sacred tones from the Tibetan Bowls…prepare for amazing…

David Kobza….David will be creating an ambient experience using planetary gongs, chimes and drums topping off his performance with an activating Holotope meditation

Michele Garcia…A humble soul bringing her gentle wisdom through the Gongs, Bowls, and Crystal Triangle

Mark Accomando…Will brings us the ancient sounds of Tibetan singing bowls and the native American flute…aligning us in harmony….

Bruce Underhill…Will be strumming his guitar, bringing his unique and inspired songs to life.

Special Guest Appearance by Danny Many Horses –Native American Flutist …Nationally recognized as an accomplished musician, Danny maintains his cultural roots through his Native American music and stories. Exquisite and penetrating.


Call Mary:  Home: 760-699-2474 or Cell:  510-418-8991 or email revmaryelectra@gmail.com

Prepay through Paypal…Just click donation button…enter $20.00 and pay…Tickets will be sent to the Paypal Email address listed… or can be picked up registration…Thank You!!!


Music fest flyer pic...



Tantra Sound Awakening


Mary Electra Facilitating – David Kobza Assisting


When: July   17th 18th 19th  2015          

Where:  Boulder Creek, California                                

 Cost:  $220.00    $50 deposit with balance due by July 1, 2015

Retreat Cost Includes Food, Lodging and Magic…

(This is the first Tantra Sound Awakening Retreat and will be limited to a minimum of 6 and maximum of 8 participants and will be on a first come first serve basis…)

Retreat/Workshop will explore the Senses through

Sound, Breath, Journaling and Artistic Expression.

We will be getting back to the ancient meaning of Tantra. During the retreat you will be forming a communion, communication and union first with yourselves, leading you to a deeper self-realization and enlightenment within as well as opening the gateway to forming communion, communication and union with others…We will do this through exploring our senses with various exercises as well as working with sound and meditation and last but not least a re-birthing session with conscious connected breath-work….This is a one of a kind workshop/retreat….never been done before..

This will be a positive life changing event for all those who attend….

Mary Electra, Tonal Alchemist will be leading you through this journey of inner discovery… When Mary began her journey with sound she was guided to travel the world using her unique inner-dimensional sounds to unlock ancient wisdom and open portals at many of the sacred sites…this led to working with people to open the portals to their higher dimensional selves….She has worked with groups at sacred sites in the Yucatan, England, Ireland, New Zealand and Mt Shasta with life changing results…Several years ago she was inspired to create this workshop/retreat. This format will enable people to work closely with each other with an intention of bringing each individual to a deeper connection with their divine self…

David Kobza has graciously opened his home and his assistance for this workshop/retreat…David is a multi-talented musician, sound healer, teacher and performer. He is also a Starseed and conscious experiencer of benevolent extraterrestrial beings who assist him in recognizing and understanding how human biology and consciousness is able, if willing to synergistically access Divine vibrational states of unconditional love, unity and consciousness.

For info email: maryelectra@yahoo.com or call  510-418-8991 or 760-699-2474

Check and Credit Cards Accepted…

The retreat will take place in a private home surrounded by Redwoods, with a wraparound deck leading down to a creek.  It is a beautiful setting for our maiden Tantra Sound Awakening…We are blessed to have this sacred space for our empowering journey.

Tantra blog photo 1

Schedule for Workshop/Retreat

Friday:     4pm to 6pm       Meeting, greeting and getting to know each other

6pm to 8pm       Relaxing Dinner

8pm to 10pm     Meditation and Sound w/Mary Electra

Saturday:  8am to 9:30am            Breakfast

9:30am to 12:30pm    Exploring the Senses

12:30am to 1:30pm    Lunch

12:30pm to 6:30pm     Exploring the Senses Continued

6:30pm to 8:30pm      Dinner

8:30pm to 10pm         Meditation and Sound w/Mary Electra

Sunday      8am to 9:30am            Breakfast

9:30am to 1:30pm      Team Rebirthing with Breath

1:30pm to 2:00pm      Snack

2:00pm –                     Closing…

For this adventure you will need to bring your own bedding which includes sheets, blankets, pillow and towel…

We will be serving meals  however if you have special dietary needs…please bring the foods you need…

Bring an open mind and receptive heart as we explore the wonders of your sentient being-ness…

The above times are approximated…as this is an experiential process, time will be a consideration but not a deterrent to completing the process….


                 Tis the Season for a Friend 

Cherry Blossoms Bloom in Spring,

And Rivers Flow with Melted Snow,

And Life Takes on a Youthful Glow.

             On comes the Summer,

With Birds a Chirping and Children Singing,

And the Season Turns With the Flow of the Tides.

           And the Leaves of the Trees

Have Turned to Autumn

And the People are Joyous With Holiday Cheer

And the Harvest Moon Shines

                    On the New Fallen Snow…

Bringing in Winter

And the Hearths Aglow

The Season for Rejoicing

Abounding With Warmth

                 Bringing Kindred Spirits Close

And a New Year Comes Forth….

           Abundant With Dreams…

And Cherry Blossoms Bloom in Spring

And Rivers Flow With Melted Snow

And Life Takes on a Youthful Glow…

                               And Time Goes By…

And Yet, There is No Special Season

   When Man Meets Man

And Makes a Friend,

                             All Seasons are Blessed….

     With Making FRIENDS…..

                             Mary Electra




My 12-21-2012 Recap

I Survived 12-21-2012



With that out of the way, let’s talk about 12-21-2012… I know many people did ceremonies and some had end of the world parties….and others held meditation vigils….and as we are all aware 12-21 has come and gone, with what seems like relative ease….For sure the end of the world did not occur for the masses but what subtle changes occurred if any?

As many of you did, I had a personal ceremony with a dear friend. We did a tarot reading, then a meditation with sound as our contribution to honor the end of the Mayan Calendar and the end of an era…or what I perceive to be the end of an era…

In our reading we did a 3 card spread for myself and my friend….which indicated that we had harnessed our dark forces and we were now able to stand and share our light after coming through a period of patience, perseverance and prudence…the elements needed to await the gestation of something new, and we would be birthing and bringing into the new era an abundance of creativity….which both of us felt to be very positive indeed…

When we did the spread for mankind we did a spread of six cards…as we needed more information than what we received with 3 cards…

The cards indicated we were coming from a place of oppression, which I took to mean spiritual oppression; which I feel has been affecting our everyday existence and creative potential for some time…and the cards indicated we would be experiencing a brief period of calm before the “Tower” card begins its offering of breaking everything apart so we can rebuild it…

Universally we are being called on to search ourselves for our deepest roots of truth and understand the cycles of life, and to be conscious that we can either spiral upward finding our dominion of wholeness and in that wholeness rise above the mire and see through the eyes of truth or we can remain within the wheel, continuing to move in the same circle stuck forever in illusion…

The question I would like to pose at this time is: Once things break apart, how will we use this opportunity to rebuild our world? Will we take into consideration the highest and best interest of the all or mimic our past?

Blessings to you all!!!!

There Otta Be A Law

There Otta Be A Law.

There Otta Be A Law

I’ve decided to take a departure from my usual musings and delve into what I feel to be a pertinent and timely complaint.

Generally I’m not an advocate of “new” laws…but enough is enough…

I’d like to ask you…is anyone else getting tired of political campaigns???  Everywhere, television, radio, newspapers, facebook, random telephone calls, driving….even at the pool…I can’t get away….and it feels like insanity to me….Months and months of it if not years of campaign rhetoric…and just to be sure there is no confusion about what I am attempting to communicate I’ve included one of the dictionary definitions of rhetoric…

b. Language that is elaborate, pretentious, insincere, or intellectually

I admit I’m jaded when it comes to politics, and have been for many years…and I know I swim against the current with my perception of politics in general, but come on folks enough is enough…how many months must a candidate campaign? How many dollars need to be spent?

Just imagine what could be done with all the money donated to political campaigns….Imagine if that money would be used to bolster our less than stellar economy…

How long does the campaigning go on for?  I’ve lost track…1 year…2 years…

However I am aware that the president is elected for 4 years…and since a president can only have two terms the first two years are a time for getting acquainted with the duties of president and about the time the president is on the downswing of the learning curve their focus is being drawn to re-election and the next two years of their presidency is eaten up with campaigning for re-elected… What a waste…then once re-elected the president becomes a lame-duck and his influence begins to wane….

There must be a better way….

Its not bad enough that I have to listen to what seems to me to be insincere promises, back-stabbing and misconstrued information…millions upon millions of dollars in my humble opinion are being wasted when those dollars could be better spent.  What about a campaign to help the homeless, the children who are starving or abused, maybe improving the unemployment…anything would be better than wasting money on political campaigns.

Yes, I’m sure the campaigns provide a limited amount of jobs, but if my memory serves me correctly much of the day to day, down and dirty operations of a campaign is done by volunteers…

So in the interest of Mary, and any of the rest of you who would like to see some sanity brought back to our daily lives instead of the maddness of over-extended political campaigns….could we please limit campaigns to two months, maybe three…and cap the campaign spending to a million each month…for each party…and this rule would apply to the primaries as well as the election.. Limit the debates to one, and allow all political candidates to participate.

We already see the main contenders do all the talk shows which is giving them  great media exposure which they may even be  getting paid for, and if not they are exchanging exposure for an appearance…However equal time must be given to all candidates….

To me this seems simple, workable and so much more sane…

Thank you for letting me share my personal thoughts…